dryptAway is a powerful but compact OS X security utility with great drag and drop features. dryptaway will create RC4 or Blowfish encrypted files by the extension name ".drypt". Enter a password hit "Enter", drop a file for encryption/decryption, you're done! dryptAway will also create encrypted sparse (grows as space is needed.) disk images (.dmg) and burn them to disc if you need, Hint: simply hit Command + B to burn.

You can set dryptAway in one of these process modes zip, gzip, dmg. If one of these extra modes is set dryptAway's encryption/decryption mode will be ignored simple as that. You can also use this encryption utility dryptAway, to hide folders and files on your mac! Toggle hidden System files, basic Mac OS X System Maintenance and much more...



dryptAway 1.1